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Postby ChrisSchooley » Fri Aug 26, 2011 4:43 pm

Do we need to be doing more work to identify where particular flavors in coffee come from?

Okay, rhetorical question.

How do you describe coffees to: your baristas, your wholesale accounts, your retail customers....

Here is an email I got from Tom when I asked him some of these questions, I like to refer to this set of tests as the Thompsonson Variations:

Here's what you do (and if you continue reading you actually MUST do this, and in fact I think you have to call it 'TO-method' "

Give a buncha roasters a several sets of samples. maybe roasted, but give them the green too.

tell them Set A is for a competition and they need to design a cupping test to rank them

tell them Set B is several coffees for a blend base that the owner of their store already bought, and they need to design a cupping test to find out how useful they will be, and how they might proceed to roast them. One is for espresso, one is for french roast blend, one is for special drip blend, one might be for single origin offering.

tell them Set C is unknown offer samples and they need to decide if there is any interest.

So I think people need to start to think about cupping as non universal, as a test to acheive __________, and they need to test based on the situation. Set C should be scored clean or not clean, and a number that shows level of interest. If they overscore with a lot of attributes they are wasting time, really. Set B should be scored relative to their own business only, prioritizing end use. Set A should be fussy international standards.

Maybe don't give them enough time to do all, so they have to act quick.

let's a few of us try this out.
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