Roasters Guild Journeyman Level Certification Information

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Postby Ellie Matuszak » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:36 am

The Journeyman Level courses and credits have been added to the existing page outlining the Roasters Guild Certification Program requirements. Due to the current time of year, courses being offered at SCAA Expo in Anaheim are indicated with *.

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Postby instaurator » Thu May 05, 2011 1:57 am

As I referred to at Houston, can I make the suggestion that as modules J1 J9 J13 J14 J15 J23 J24 and J25 apparently haven't been fully developed as yet, that at the next Roasters retreat whichever of these modules is being offered there in addition to the pre-exising classes constitute current certification as a Journeyman.

Then the remaining modules that get finished after the Retreat should be required for roasters who have completed all existing Classes to maintain their accreditation by doing them rather than only qualifying for certification by doing them. In other words this will mean that rather than dragging out the certification process and discouraging participants, people will be able to see clearly where the finish line is.

This is pretty simple to do. It just has to be agreed to by the board. Only classes that exist should qualify for certification, not ones that don't exist yet.

I think this would encourage a lot more roasters to get involved in the program. By the way certification is an exciting development for the coffee industry!
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