Update to RG Cert Level 1 Test-Out in Portland

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Postby Ellie Matuszak » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:54 am

Hi all,

I am pleased to report some changes/updates to the RG Level 1 Certification Test-Out session being offered next week at the SCAA Expo in Portland. The RG Website has not yet been updated but we will make the changes soon.

There are two main changes. We will also be emailing all students who have already registered. Please help us to spread the word.

1- Two new credits have been added to the Test-Out, bringing the total to 7 potential tests to take and credits to earn in this as part of the Accelerated Track: RP206 Basics of Coffee Farming and RP207 Basics of Coffee Processing are now available. That said, to earn these credits, additional documentation is required via a forthcoming online form. I do not think this form will be available prior to SCAA Expo, but very soon thereafter (and well in advance of Roasters Guild Retreat which is the next session of Test Out).

2- Attendees of future Test Out sessions, starting with the Test Out at Roasters Guild Retreat 2012, will be required to submit their Roast Log prior to enrolling in the Test Out. In this way, we can ensure the integrity of the program remains intact in that only experienced Roasters are participating in the Test Out (as it is designed) and discouraging those who are simply savvy test takers and may not have enough experience. A Roast Log with 100 hours of commercial roasting on commercial equipment must be submitted in order to earn Credit RP191 which is required for RG Level 1 Certification (as well as another 100 hours for RP291, Level 2 requirement). For students taking the Test Out in Portland, the Roast Log must be submitted within 90 days (by July 20) for any credits earned in the Test Out to count.

A template is provided by the RG available for download by RG member in the SCAA store here:

SCAA store to download the Roast Log http://bit.ly/roastlog

Or, students can submit their own custom form. All Roast Logs are reviewed on a monthly basis by the RGEC Certification Panel and may include interviewing the candidate to make a decision on whether to accept the Roast Log. This review process helps us to prevent fraudulent submissions from creating a false positive.

Completed Roast Logs can be submitted here: https://specialtycoffee.wufoo.com/forms ... sion-form/

I am sure you have questions! We are motivated to make the RG Certification Program as robust as possible and hope that the updates help to do this as issues come to our attention. Thanks and please also feel free to email me with questions: Elliem at scaa dot org.

Specialty Coffee Association of America, Director of Professional Development
(and Sr. Staff Liaison to RG)
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