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Typica 1.8 Now Available

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:05 pm
by N3Roaster
Today I'm pleased to announce the release of Typica 1.8.

Typica is a free, open source application for coffee roasting operations that has been available for about 10 years and is still under active development with a global user base. It runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

This release adds several features including (but not limited to):

    Batch tag printing for improved production traceability
    Support for a broader range of Modbus RTU devices
    Monitoring the difference or average between two measurement channels
    Additional roast annotation options
    Ability to import data exported from the IKAWA sample roaster
    Improved manual log entry that allows Typica to be useful even without data acquisition hardware
    Various bug fixes and ease of use improvements
    New application icon

More details on what's new in this release can be found at ... a-1.8.html

Typica continues to offer a broad range of reports that show purchase and production data in a variety of ways that are useful for planning, purchasing, production, maintenance, and quality assurance purposes. It also features advanced roast monitoring features that make it easier to share roasting plans among multiple machines, connect cup differences to relevant roasting causes, and improve production consistency by presenting live data in ways that make it easier for roasters to make better and more precise control adjustments.

With Typica, companies are in control of their own data. Small companies can keep all of their data on the same computer running Typica at the roaster with no need for network access. Alternately, data can be saved elsewhere on a local area network, allowing Typica to be used on any number of computers with access to the same data. This is ideal for places with more than one roasting machine or if there's a desire to enter purchases or view reports away from the roaster. While it's not generally recommended, it's also possible to have Typica store data out on the wider Internet for access from anywhere in the world. Roasting companies are free to choose whichever option makes the most sense for their company and can change their mind as the company changes over time. In addition to access to that data through Typica, it is also possible to view data in major spreadsheet applications or run SQL queries against the database directly.

Learn more about Typica and try it free at

See you soon at Roasters Guild Retreat.

Re: Typica 1.8 Now Available

PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:03 pm
by N3Roaster
1.8.1 released today. This fixes some issues that developed in the Mac 1.8.0 build and on Mac/Windows/Linux adds support for the phidget22 library and all hardware in the Phidgets product line that uses the TemperatureSensor API including new hardware that's about $40 less expensive than the Phidgets hardware supported in previous versions of Typica.