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Postby DarrinD » Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:09 pm

James Hoffmann brought up a great subject on his blog in in a conversation with Tim Wendelboe that i have been playing around with...and that is resting some recent new crop arrivals of el salvador in different environments and tasting them over a short window; say 5-10 day window. 1 group immediately vacuum sealed and nitrogen flushed; the other same group roasted and left to air overnight before vacuum sealing. one will be tasted 11 days from roast date (immediately sealed) and the 2nd will be tasted after 5 days (left in open air overnight before packing. I plan on opening both one day prior to the tasting/cupping. Any suggestions??

Has anyone been trying this out with non espresso intentions or uses? Would love to get any feedback on resting even non espresso vs. 1-4 days after roasting.
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Postby Scapistrant » Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:31 am

It's funny you mention this. Recently we were beta roasting an El Sal as a component in our redline. I wanted to see how it would react on our machines. And to my surprise, at a C+ roast, it was tasting awesome on the 4th day. Now, this wasn't really profiled at all. But it was really sweet after a few days. I definitely didn't expect that at all.

It makes me wonder...should we rest brew coffee?
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