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Postby weekend_update » Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:03 pm

Hi all,

We're getting ready to move our roaster to a new facility, and I'm trying to figure out how we're going to cap our main exhaust chimney.

Our current neighborhood asked us to put up quite a bit of air filtration on our roof to reduce roasting odor, and this won't be as big of an issue at the new location. Still, our landlord would prefer if we're not blowing small coffee particles all over the place, so I'd like to cap our chimney in a way that does filter out some of the small particles that make it past our chaff collector, but that might require a bit less cleaning than our current setup.

We're roasting on a Giesen W15, and our exhaust passes through a cyclone/chaff collector with its own variable speed fan before traveling up an 8" chimney to the roof. On the roof our exhaust then passes through a 2" thick recycle aluminum mesh filter, then a stack of V-bank filters filled with activated carbon pellets (mostly for odor, but removing the v-banks definitely affects our airflow settings). By the end of a week's worth of roasting (1300-1600 lbs) both filter sets are pretty well clogged up and require some fairly extensive cleaning.

I'd like to cap our chimney with something that's a bit simpler than our current setup, and that might require a bit less cleaning, while still reducing some of the particulate that flows out of the chimney. I accept the fact that I'll be up on the roof to clean things out at least every other week. Backdraft prevention seems to be pretty important, too, since we do have some issues with flame engagement on particularly cold or rainy and cold days. This seems to be an even bigger issue for another Denver/Giesen roaster with a bit less filtration to insulate the roaster from the elements. Whether or not this is an imaginary problem or an inherent problem with Giesens might merit its own thread.

Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions for types of chimney caps or things to look for when purchasing this equipment, it would be super helpful. I'm thinking about this style cap (link below), so if anyone has any experience with that particular type of chimney cap, please let me know! Thanks. ... nation-Cap
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