New guy with a new Ambex YM-5. I need help!!!

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Postby boss99er » Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:14 pm

Hey guys, I picked up my new (to me) Ambex YM-5 this weekend. I am just starting up my little micro roastery and this is my first production machine. It uses a Solo 4824 PID controller.......and I have NO idea how to use it. I got absolutely no help from the seller, as he only ever used it to turn the machine, set a temp, and dump the beans when they were "dark enough." No profiling, no gas control, etc. Any help on using this controller, and honestly, any help using a PID with a roaster in general would be awesome! Up until now, I've only ever used full manual roasters (Huky 500). I know the Ambex roaster has pretty limited air control, but I'd like to at least be able to finesse my heat levels...not just turn on and dump when dark enough. Ha ha.

If you'd like to see picture of my new roaster, here ya go. It might help to see the exact model I'm working with:

Thanks guys!!! I look forward to being part of the community!
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