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Postby N3Roaster » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:36 am

Many of you have likely noticed that the SCAA has a new certification program for coffee tasters which heavily overlaps the Roasters Guild certification program. Looking through the handbook for that, there is a requirement at each level of certification for a log of coffees tasted, however I have not seen links to the specific forms required.

Module 1: a simplified cupping form
Module 2: the SCAA cupping form and coffee info data sheet
Module 3: same cupping form as modules 1 or 2 and info sheet from module 2
Module 4: BGA espresso evaluation form plus cupping or tasting forms and profile graphs

The SCAA cupping form is available for download in a number of places but the other forms (the simplified cupping form, the coffee info data sheet, and the BGA espresso evaluation form) seem rather more difficult to locate. Does anybody have links to any/all of these or do we need to wait until the program is officially launched at Expo?

And just to throw this out in case someone who is able to do so is reading this, perhaps required resources of this nature could be linked on the page for that certification program so that they're easy for people interested in this to locate.
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