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Postby lilyk » Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:34 pm

The discussion on coffee descriptors at the 2011 Roasters Guild Retreat engaged attendees on how can we better communicate flavor and taste attributes to our customers. Some solutions included nurturing customer awareness verses alienation. Descriptors can be a way of fostering new approaches to customer’s perception of quality and flavor. There was discussion about how supply chain information can further support descriptions of our products. The wine system of scoring was brought into the discussion and participants explored whether or not coffee should follow the wine industry’s approach to scoring and descriptors.

For those of you who participated in this discussion, have you changed any aspects of how you are communicating about your product or describing what your product should taste like to customers?

For the larger roasting community, is it your perception that the specialty coffee industry is operating with the attitude of "we are the experts, listen to us and you'll know more about the product" or are we moving towards a gentler approach with regards to how we are educating and communicating with our consumers, and utilizing a more common, accessible language? In what ways can we start to reconcile our collective desire to provide information about our product but not alienate our customers?
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