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Postby cmas » Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:43 am

What do you guys think is the best bang for your buck dollar for dollar? As far as taste, consistency, and overall value.

Any sleepers out there? Personally I like the PNGs. Any thoughts?

Postby ChrisSchooley » Thu Apr 01, 2010 12:17 pm

Hey Chad,
This is a great open-ended question, if not a little loaded. I mean if we're talking about value, then that value is pretty subjective. As far as dollar for dollar goes, there's a whole side to that discussion about pricing and sustainability but I know that that wasn't where you were going with that. I like the thought of a go-to coffee, something that is unique yet approachable, and not too difficult to get your hands on. That list is endless really since if you do the groundwork there are a lot of exciting coffees available to you, but I'd have to say that there is so much variety in coffee from the various growing regions in Guatemala and most green coffee vendors tend to have some really nice offerings once they arrive. There are also amazing coffees from Colombia that are becoming a little more available. I was also really impressed with some Burundi that I had on the table recently and think that there has been a lot of effort being made there to push quality. Rwanda has some great offerings as well, and I've had a lot of customers over the last couple years get really into them when they find a nice one. I don't know, the more I think about it, the more I feel like it is really up to the green buyer to create value for their customers and their companies. I don't mean invent, but I mean that the person buying the green has to create the value by purchasing a sane amount of the coffee in the first place and then do the work to make sure that you can sell the coffee in an informed way. I totally did not mean to hijack this thread, but like I said, I think that it's a good open-ended question in that it did make me go off on a couple different tangents.
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Postby cmas » Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:14 am

Hey Chris,
Thanks for the long reply. My intent was to start a discussion about what coffees people were into today based on taste, price, and availability. Yes this could be interpreted as as a "go to" coffee, but I was hoping it would turn into what really works for you the buyer, roaster, retailer or whatever. Or really how a newer coffee, ie Burundi or Rwanda, is fitting into your program and how your customers are responding to it.
It would be really cool to also start a thread about what works for you the buyer, taking out logistics and everything else that really matters and start talking about what really tastes the best to you.

Does that make more sense?

Postby Thompson Owen » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:49 pm

El Salvador bourbon coffees have definitely come up as a great base coffee, super useful, well-processed, and reliable coffee. I suppose they can be a great value too, and I suppose there are quite a few mediocre ones as well. But there is a lot of room for roasters to get in on something special there, have a good direct relationship, and end up with a nice coffee (that also tends to be durable over time, doesn't readily fade, in many cases).
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