Fermentation and Drying

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Postby DarrinD » Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:49 pm

I have just been doing some work in Papua New Guinea and we saw a wet mill that was doing some interesting things that seem to be closer to a honey type process. What we saw was the coffee being de-pulped with the use of water and then, instead of fermenting in tanks or being submerged in water, it was briefly soaked overnight and then slowly dried off in special driers with the mucilage still pretty much left on. The drier, at slow temperatures, eliminated the mucilage much like what you would see with open air drying of honey type coffee. Has anyone else ever seen something similar to this type of processing and drying before? The mill manager said that there had been no difference from their cuppers and that it actually helped to improve the overall acidity/brightness in the cup. Does anyone have any similar experience with this type of process.
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