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SCAA / RG Member-Driven Coffee Science Research

PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2014 3:31 pm
by lilyk
Degassing: The Immediate Impacts of Oxygen on Coffee Staling

Continuing the work of the Roasters Guild on the important topic of coffee staling, this year we will dive into the mechanisms behind staling by studying the immediate impacts of oxygen on the coffee staling process. We will address the question, how does oxygen impact roasted coffee flavor and how does degassing affect it? A special focus will be placed on degassing to further understand the science behind the preservation of great coffee flavor.

We are seeking experienced cuppers, who cup three or more times a week, score coffees based on the SCAA cupping form, and are based in North America to participate this year in data collection. Cupping will take place early in July and scores will be collected electronically. Results will be presented at the Roasters Guild Retreat in August in Stevenson, WA.

If you and your colleagues fit this category and would like to participate, please apply by filling out this form ... -research/ by July 1.

You will receive an email from the SCAA Science Manager to discuss or confirm your participation. Questions? Please email Emma Bladyka at